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Using the Search Field

The search field is a powerful resource for answering your questions and locating specific content. Content is organized in a categorical hierarchy to help you find the solutions you need efficiently. This article explains how to navigate the hierarchy to filter your search results, and provides you with tips for locating content through various combinations of keywords and special characters.

Navigate the Granicus Help Site 

The GranicusHelp Site contains features to help you locate your desired content in an efficient manner. The main sections of the Granicus Help Site are explained below:

Category filter- Use the drop-down menu of the Category filter to select a topic to search within.

Search field- Enter your search keywords in this field; tips for using this field can be found at the bottom of the article.

Searching Tips article- Click the link to open the Searching Tips article.

Categories- Click one of the green category links to expand the sub-categories. Click one of the sub-categories to view the articles attributed to that sub-category. The categories and sub-categories within this section are the same as those in the Category filter.

Most Recent Articles- Articles most recently published to the Citizen's Help Site. Click an article to open.

Most Popular Articles- Articles in order of their popularity. Click an article to open.

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Search Techniques

Use the following advanced search techniques to maximize your search results.

Minus Sign (-)

The minus sign helps you search for only one of the keywords that may make up a compound word or phrase.

Example: To search for Items that contain the word "city" but not the word "hall", enter "city-hall" in the search field.

Plus sign (+)

To search for Items that must contain a certain word, use the plus sign (+) in your search query.

Example: Searches generally ignore words such as "the" and "an". To include conjunctions, pronouns, and other general words in your search, enter "+the mayor" in the search field.

The Asterisk (*)
Use the asterisk at the end of  a keyword to find all the results beginning with the keyword.

Example: Enter council* to return results containing words such as "council," "councils," or "councilmember."

Quotation Marks (")

Search for an exact phrase by enclosing the phrase in quotation marks.

Example: Enter "planning department" within quotation marks in the search field to return results containing only the phrase planning department.
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