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Video Playback - Smoothing out Choppy, Frequently Buffering Video

Why do videos buffer?

When you stream a video the Media Player stores a short section of the content on your computer so you can view a few seconds of continuous video. If your video player frequently buffers, this may be a sign that your network connection is not fast enough to keep up with the video broadcast.

Improve Video Playback

There are a couple of steps you can take to improve video playback when you experience buffering.

1 Conserve network bandwidth

Close any programs accessing the internet so your computer can focus on playing the video.

2 Increase video storage

Increase the amount of video your computer stores in its buffer so you still have video to play if your network is busy.

a Right-click the Media Player Window.

b Select Options.

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c Select the Buffer radio button.

d Change the default buffering value to a larger size, for example 20, or even 60 seconds.

Note: This will make your system take longer to start playing videos, but you should benefit from smoother playback after the initial buffering has finished.

d Click the Apply button.

e Click the OK button.

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