RSS Feeds and Microsoft Outlook

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What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication allows users to receive notification of up-to-date content, as soon as that content is made public. Content can include news, blogs, and in the case of your jurisdiction's View Page, upcoming Events and available Archives.

The benefit of RSS is that users do not have to go to multiple websites to receive current information. Instead, the RSS subscription sends the user a summary of updated content and then allows the user to access the detailed version of the content through a hyperlink.

How Does RSS Work?

1 Install an RSS Reader

You must first choose an RSS Reader to access different RSS Feeds. Some RSS Readers include Google Reader and Bloglines, these are web-based Readers that require no software installation and are accessible from any computer with internet access.

Web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 7 automatically pick up RSS Feeds.

Recommended: You can also use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to add RSS Feeds and view the RSS content. If you choose to use Outlook as your RSS Reader, skip to step 3.

After you choose an RSS Reader, follow the instruction to download, install, and open the Reader.

2 Identify RSS Providers

Some of your favorite websites may already provide RSS Feeds. The icons: User-added image, User-added image, and User-added image identify which websites use RSS Feeds. In some web browsers and RSS Readers, including Internet Explorer 7, you can click these icons to automatically subscribe to the Feed. You can also copy and paste the URL of the RSS directly into your RSS Reader.

3 Add an RSS Feed through the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Account Settings Dialog box.

a Log into your Outlook account.

b Select Tools > Account Settings.

User-added image

Click RSS Feeds > New.

User-added image

d Enter or press CTRL+V to paste the URL of the RSS Feed into the New RSS field.

e Click the Add button.

User-added image

f Click the OK button.

g Confirm the RSS Feed appears in the appropriately named folder under Mail > Folders > RSS Feeds.

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