How can I stream a meeting on my Mac?

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Why can't I view meetings on my Mac?
Complete the following steps to download Microsoft Silverlight. You must have Silverlight installed in order to watch streaming meetings on your Mac. It is recommended that you complete these steps in the browser Safari.

1 Open the following link.

Note: You may need to use a different browser to download Silverlight.

2 Click Install for Macintosh.

User-added image

3 Click Save File on the Opening Silverlight pop-up.

4 Confirm the Silverlight Application appears on your desktop or in your download folder.

Note: This will vary depending on your settings.

5 Open the Silverlight Application.

6 Click Continue at the Plug-In message.

 User-added image

7 Double-click the Silverlight plugin package to open.

8 Complete the steps in the plug-in wizard.

9 Refresh the jurisdiction webpage and play the video.